3 Benefits of Plant Based Nutrition

Plant based nutrition has several benefits for one’s overall health. Certain diseases can be avoided by turning away from animal based foods. Some of these include heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. Cutting red meat alone has a great impact on lowering blood pressure and cutting down on obesity. Turning away from meat and poultry offers even more overlooked benefits below.


The digestive system plays an important role in a person’s overall weight, energy, mood, and health. Foods that come from animals are known to be a challenge for the body to break down. Where more energy is needed to digest certain foods, more blood must be allocated to the stomach region. This results in the body having less energy and may even cause indigestion. Since plant focused diets include plenty of water, fiber, and natural sugars, these types of food result in a more healthy digestive track.

Mental Clarity

Foods containing dairy have ingredients from cow milk known to add to brain fog. These two additives are casein and whey. Casein even has a history of linking to cancer and resulting in improper digestion. Easy digestion leads to greater mental clarity. Foods such as hemp and pea protein are a few examples of food that produce greater physical results. Amino acids and protein that affect neurotransmitter function are key areas that impact mental focus.

Easier to Wake Up

When the body can digest more easily, it allows more room for the body to actually rest. With animal based foods, more time is required for complete digestion. This leads to less time to actually rest because the body is still working. Detoxification also occurs during sleep. The bottom line is that less fats and meats lead to a greater sense of clarity come morning time.

Consider changing your diet to experience these perks of plant nutrition. Plenty recipes can be found online to begin making the change. For more surprising benefits of this type of diet, visit One Green Planet online here.