Health Foods That Are Really Junk Foods in Disguise

The reason for all those diseases and obesity are unhealthy foods. These are the main reasons why people get sick in the first place. By some coincidence or a strange play of destiny, a lot of people are considering some of these to be health foods. Probably that is where all the commotion started. In order to give you a full insight on what a real healthy food is. I will introduce you to a list of some of the most mistaken ”health foods” that are actually really bad for your health.

Junk foods disguised as healthy by Vladimir Davidzon

Whenever you see a commercial on TV that says for some product that it is fat free or low fat, you can already tell that is not true. All these foods that were being defatted have the same problem. Without fat, they taste awful and then, they have to add some extra chemicals to improve the flavor which equals to junk food. In other words, fat free and low fat products are actually loaded with added sugar which is absolutely bad for you.

Vegetables are good for you, seriously. These incredibly healthy little veggies are rich with all kinds of vitamins and minerals but, when put in a salad, they do not taste nice completely on their own. That is where all those salad dressings come to play. Usually, the most commercial are the worst ones. It may turn your salad into the most delicious treat you ever had but, you are actually, again, eating tons of added sugar, trans fats, vegetable oil and not to mention countless chemicals too. The best thing to do is avoid those completely and use natural vinegar or lemon juice with a bit of olive oil and salt and you should be ok.

Fruit juices or just a liquid sugar

Thinking that fruit juice is healthy is a common misbelief all around the world. Sure, it is healthy in limited amounts but, what really happens when you make a natural orange juice? Since you drink only the juice, all the natural ingredients like fibers, that are really important for your digestion, are left out, leaving you with nothing but a glass full of fruit sugar. It may be natural but, it is still sugar. It is even worse with those fruit juices in markets and stores. Most of the time, those juices are not even made of fruit but rather just chemicals and aromas to give you an impression that you are drinking a real fruit juice.

Sports drinks

It may look like it will give you energy and probably it will on a shorthand. Sports drinks are actually loaded with bad chemicals, emulgators and lots and lots of added sugar. With lots of additional salts, these drinks may be good for athletes but, common people do not additional salts and liquid sugar. If you want to really hydrate yourself, just use regular water instead.